Top 5 reasons why your restaurant needs a POS

The system you use in your restaurant might be working just fine and have stellar service of the best products, which might make you wonder why you should spend any money to fix something that isn’t necessarily broken. As a restaurant owner, even though your primary focus is on making sure your business is running efficiently, you should also focus on your restaurant’s POS (Point of Sale) systems, as it is the nerve center of your business, to ensure that everything runs smoothly. If you’re still not convinced enough to make this important technology a priority for your business, then here are the top five reasons why you should consider restaurant POS to turbocharge your restaurant to help it operate more efficiently and stand out from the crowd.


1. Saves you money

Restaurant POS is essential for helping you in minimizing money wastage in your business. Imagine the amount of errors of hand written and miscalculated dockets you staff spit constantly out, especially under the pump on a busy Friday night. A POS system will calculate any complex orders with accuracy and ease, a POS will help put money right back in your pocket.

If your restaurant is buying too much product, your POS will, over time, identify where your inventory levels and what the system says you actually have aren’t matching up. This information will help you keep track of waste from items that are being overstocked, those that are being prepared in a timely fashion, or those that just aren’t selling. You will also be able to analyze the misuse of products and ingredients by workers. POS will help put money right back in your pocket.


2. Faster and efficient order taking

Errors and miscalculations made by the staff can lead to a lot of time wastage hindering the restaurant from operating efficiently. Eliminate this problem by simplifying your checkout and inventory management to only to simple steps- scan it and bag it. The POS systems will automatically remove the items purchased from your current inventory in real time. With inventory level alerts, you never have to guess how much stock you actually have, and you will know what your clients want and when they want it. POS can help speed up the process of taking orders for your restaurant, especially if it is located in fast paced environments where you are taking order after order. And when you hire new staff, the easy to use POS will help you get them working as soon as possible doing away with the wastage of time to train them.


3. Build your customer database

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that building a customer database with the help of restaurant POS will not only streamline your communications and loyalty efforts but will also market your business.

Use your POS systems to automatically award loyalty points to customers when they purchase a certain amount of items on the menu. Loyalty programs will increase consumer affinity to your business, and they may market your restaurant to their friends, encouraging them to sign up for loyalty cards on your customer database as well. This will help drive a lot of traffic to your business.

Improve your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by building a customer database fully equipped with facial recognitions to your security system. This will help you get instant notifications when a high value or loyal customer, or unwanted persons enter your restaurant. Facial recognition also makes promotion planning a breeze since you will know when high-value customers are likely to come and what they will purchase.


4. Provide better customer service

In the restaurant business, speed and efficiency in customer service are everything. A good restaurant POS that is intuitive and user-friendly is essential for taking orders quickly and making employee training fast and easy. With a takeway POS that is easy to operate and straightforward, your employees are less likely to make a mistake in the entry of an order, which keeps the orders flowing smoothly and the customers served efficiently. If your clients receive good customer service, they are sure to keep coming back to get more of what they love.


5. Track your sales, remote cloud tracking

Your restaurant can start taking advantage of the numerous modern technology improvements that come with the “cloud”. The cloud functionality can easily be accessed anywhere with the use of a computer or a smart device. With remote cloud tracking, your POS allows you to access your business reports whenever and wherever you want, even if you are on vacation or just at home. Surveillance of staff and customer activities is an invaluable feature for restaurant owners, and a restaurant POS will provide you with just that.

These are just some of the few things that a good POS systems can help you achieve. By investing in one, you will elevate your restaurant to the next level and reap the financial rewards of having the essential technology for your daily business.