Reasons You Should Launch a Loyalty Program

Instant changes businesses can implement to improve short term sales are few and far between. The truth is, there really is no
one way to get your business surging with sales. Building success takes time and planning as there is no shortcuts when it comes to running a successful business. But here are some of the reasons that we suggest a Loyalty Program when clients ask for how to build short term sales and get customers ordering more frequently.

What are the benefits of a Loyalty Program? By offering a ‘reward’ to your customers for staying loyal to your business, you are
giving them back something after either 5 or 10 orders. This will help boost order numbers in the short term as customers try to
work towards their free reward. You will also get a better indication of who your ‘best’ customers are, as orders from these
customers will be more predictable. Loyalty Orders can make up to an extra 4-5% of orders of your total orders and can be set up
and implemented instantly.

Once you have decided that you would like to roll out a loyalty program, it is important to consider what offer your customers will get for hitting their order goal. The key is to remember that the more generous the offer, the better the response. We have found
something like, ‘Free Small Pizza of the customers choice when they spend $30 on the 5th order’ to be quite successful. Now that
you have a concept for the loyalty program, it is all ready to be put into action.

The key aspect of having a loyalty program is to make sure your customers know that you have this running. We can help you
market this to your customer base through social media, SMS, and email. You have done the hard part of setting up and launching a loyalty program, but the most important part is to keep driving this to your loyal customers and remarket whenever you change the order rewards. The best part is that setting up a loyalty program with Deliverit is free! To contact us for more information,
email us at or call 1300 117 117.