QR Code Ordering Is Here To Stay

The pandemic brought so many question marks and issues for the hospitality industry. Mask wearing has become essential while     the lack of demand for sit-down venues has stunted the sales of businesses. When there is drastic change, technology always finds a way to keep things moving in as normal a way as it can. This is where QR code ordering came in, and now that it exists, it’s              certainly here to stay.

If you’re still unsure about contactless ordering, we will discuss a little further about why every business should be trending in this    direction.

Since it was embraced in the hospitality industry, QR code table order on average has increased customer spend by 20-40%. By           offering great visuals on the online menus, customers start ordering with their eyes instead of looking at the name and price tag.     Once someone can see the food and beverage they desire, price is taken out of the equation.

Since being adopted as a smartphone technology to ‘check in’ during the pandemic period, QR codes are everywhere and more             importantly, everyone can use them. There are no technology barriers and scanning them to enter stores has become a routine         habit. It is also faster than downloading an app or searching for an online ordering platform, scanning it will do all the work for the  user.

Lastly, the capturing of data on QR code ordering is invaluable. Being able to collect customer data for re-marketing is almost as           important as the original transaction. This data can also help make informed decisions on customer preferences and upselling.

To capitalise on QR code ordering for your own business, get in touch with Deliverit, today!