Promote your own website Tip #3

How to Promote your Website Tip 3 of 3



Last week we spoke about getting your website on some free hosting providers. But you should never forget what the customer sees when they walk into your store.

This week we will give you some cheap tips to promote your website directly to your customers and them a reason to go to your website over some other third party online ordering platforms.


Step #1 Create the pull

This is different then your usual 2 for 1 deal. You have to continually pull your customers into your site. To do this you will need to plan ahead.

Have a think about setting up a general 10% off ALL Online orders. Studies show that customers are likely to not change their behaviour for 5% but will go out of their way for 10%. The Business Victoria has put together a whole heap of useful materials such as marketing plan templates and profit margin tables to help you decide on an effective strategy for you. You can visit their site and download their tools here.


Step #2 Generate the Marketing Collateral

Remember two weeks ago when we said nobody likes an old brochure? Update yours. Is your brochure or menu cluttered with no discernible point? Cut out some of the clutter and out a big ‘10% OFF ALL ONLINE ORDERS’ with the website under it right on the front. If the message is not competing with other information this simple strategy will ensure it be in the customers face every time they go to order.

Already updated your brochure? Think about some business cards that you can stick in all the boxes, bags or delivery bags that get sent to your customers. These small cards with your logo and a ‘10% OFF ALL ONLINE ORDERS’ and your website can be that little reminder that there are other cheaper ways to order.

Got Brown Paper bags or plain wrappers/ boxes? Have a look at getting a stamp made.

Get your logo or website on a stamp and start stamping anything you see fit. These are a great way to get your logo or message to all customers without the exorbitant fees of screen printing set up costs.

Step #3 Promote Promote Promote!


Our system has many options that can help you target your customers. You can focus on lost customers, best customers, certain suburbs or why not all of them.

We have integrated SMS and email marketing capabilities that will allow you to spread your message easily. Just call up out support staff and they will be happy to assist you.

And with this final tip we wrap up our tips for you. Remember that consistency is key, keep your message consistent and concise with a call to arms such as ‘Order Now’ to get your customers to react to the message.


That is the final tip of our 3 part series to help Promote your website. If you would like to discuss some other options, get some discounts set up or even send some SMS blasts out please do not hesitate call our support team or submit a ticket here.