Online Ordering no longer just a trend

Online Ordering no longer just a trend


Online ordering is increasing at a rapid rate, the industry has seen a radical shift in consumer behaviour over the last 4 years. The introduction of third-party aggregators such as Deliveroo, MenuLog and UberEats have changed the game. Their food delivery services are providing your customers with food without any need to interact with you.

What Does This Mean?

As our lives get busier and technology gets smarter, we find ways to avoid or bypass human interaction and the takeaway and delivery industries are experiencing this more than ever; it has gone beyond a trend and has become the norm.

Due to the likes of food delivery services consumers are expanding their home delivery and take away options. In the past consumers may have eaten in at their favourite Thai or Steak Restaurant or headed to the local café for breakfast but now they can simply lie in bed or sit on the couch and swipe, tap and pay.

So, what does this mean? Simply put, if you are not online, you do not exist.

However, while many retailers see the advantages of being able to make more sales without having to increase seating capacity, they are also bearing the cost of the loss of brand recognition, decrease in brand loyalty and reduced margin; some food delivery services are charging upwards of 30% per transaction.

Now I am guessing I am not telling you anything you do not already know, so what is the solution?

A few things you should do immediately; increase your online presence: drive customers to your website and use your client database and social channels to strengthen brand loyalty, use promotional offers to drive traffic directly to your website or store and not to a food delivery app.  If you do not have a website or app and do not have access to customer data, or your current solution does not support promotional offers then you must talk with us today.

White Labelled Delivery Solutions

Deliverit software offers the hospitality industry a business to business solution. Providing a fully integrated point of sale and online ordering solution including customisable website and app creation. The solution is designed for cafes, take away food places and restaurants. If you are selling and delivering food, any type of food, then we have a solution to suit you.

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