Online Ordering & No Contact Delivery Solutions

COVID-19 has been dominating the airwaves, swiping our toilet paper and causing the cancellation of many events in Australia and around the world, but at Deliverit we are working hard to ensure continuity for our business and more importantly, our clients businesses.

It’s now more important than ever that your business is agile; that you can implement new procedures and processes to move quickly in this changing environment not only to safeguard your business now, but into the future.  At Deliverit we are working tirelessly (albeit separately from our home offices) to provide solutions that meet the needs of our clients and their customers. Here’s a few things we are doing to support our clients through this crazy time.

  • Launched a No-Contact Delivery option in our Online Ordering solution
  • Providing Marketing Support to help clients promote their Online Ordering and No-Contact Delivery functions
  • Launching new Online Ordering websites (daily) for existing and new clients

It is times like these you need the support of a good business partner and at Deliverit we support our clients…while maintaining our social distance of course.

If you need a partner, not a provider talk to us today on 1300 117 117 or email