Local Serves

At Deliverit we’ve been investing and working hard to develop innovative solutions to help grow and support local businesses.

Over the coming months they’ll be new editions to the Deliverit product line-up including a Catering solution for our Online Ordering, Google Food Ordering, a new and improved user interface for our Point of Sale solution and importantly a consumer facing ordering website that will support the growth of your online ordering channel, and we have aptly named this, Local Serves.

Local Serves is the first cab off the rank in this new product line-up.

What is Local Serves?

Local Serves is all about supporting local business, your business in fact. Local Serves is a fully functional online ordering channel allowing consumers to place orders directly with their favourite local restaurants, cafes, and takeaway shops. 

In addition to supporting local business we will be proudly supporting OzHarvest in their fight against food waste by making a direct donation for each order placed through the Local Serves website.

To find out more about Local Serves or to get your business listed contact us at info@localserves.com.au or old fashioned phone calls are also welcome 1300 117 117.