Launch your Ghost store with Deliverit.

Whatever you call them, Ghost Stores, Virtual Stores, Cloud Kitchens or Dark Kitchens, at Deliverit we’ve got you covered!

We’ve recently launched functionality that allows you to run multiple websites from DPos and there is no additional hardware required!

If you are not running a Ghost Store or Virtual Kitchen, maybe you should consider it, and here’s why:

Experiment with little or no risk

Test new menus and items without the risks of opening a new shop. You can operate out of your current kitchen.

Unlock new business

Use the insights from your Ghost Store to innovate and expand, or even grow a new business.

Increase sales with many brands

Target different demographics and segments with multiple cuisines eg. Pizza, Salad, Burgers, Fried Chicken all from the one kitchen.

No set-up fee

There are no set-up fees to launch your Ghost store with Deliverit and you’ll get access to all the same benefits

and features; promos, loyalty programs and more including a listing on Local Serves!

To find out more about our ghost store functionality contact us at