Promote your own website Tip #2

Promote your Website Tip 2 of 3



Welcome to the second blog of this three part series where we provide you with tips on how to promote your own website.

Last week we spoke about building and updating the content of your site. If you would like to read it again or maybe you missed it the first time around the link is here.

Otherwise we will go ahead to one of the easiest and most effective tips we have to promoting your own website. Google Maps.

Tip # 2 – Join Google Maps for FREE!

You may think that this is an obvious step to take, but it is quite surprising how many business have incomplete/incorrect information or are just plain missing from Google Maps.

When people search for something via Google the majority of the time their geographical location is used to localise search results.

More and more people find their food by simply typing ‘Food’ into Google Maps. Google uses the ‘Geo-location’ of the person searching to show food options in the immediate area. You can use this to your own advantage by setting up your own Google Maps location.

Simply go to Google Maps home page (here), then in the search bar in the top left corner you can search for your business and the results will show. If you are not on Google maps yet you can follow this link to put your business on Google and Join for free. Generally, within 3 weeks your business will be featuring. For free!

If you already have your business on Google Maps be sure to update all the information to be as recent as possible. Add your correct opening times, the website you want to drive traffic through, some photos of your products and of course you phone number.

Next week we will be looking at how you can update what you have in store to promote your website.