Get Deliverit ready for the Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup marks a bustling time in Victoria, for Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), this period is a busy one, presenting a golden opportunity for pizza shops to cater to those wanting takeaway for the big race.

Be ready for increased demand

Expect your venue to be busier than usual during the Melbourne Cup. This means a higher volume of pizza orders, both for dine-in and takeaway. To meet this demand, make sure you have sufficient staff on hand to handle the rush. If possible, roster extra staff to avoid long wait times and keep your customers satisfied. If you have had Deliverit in your store for a while, you know you can pull up data from last year and use it to make informed decisions about what to expect.

Set up automated surcharging

If your venue has decided to stay open for the public holiday you will want to make sure you have your automatic surcharging set up.  Having these surcharges automated ensures that your POS system is set up to apply surcharges accurately to every order, avoiding staff errors such as forgetting to apply it. Contact Deliverit support if you still need to set this up for your DPOS.

Update your menu with specials

Your venue may have created enticing Melbourne Cup special deals to attract more customers. Maybe you are offering discounted pizza bundles for offices, family meal deals or themed pizza names. Whatever you choose, make sure you have added the discounted pricing to your menu or charged name to avoid customers getting mischarged or confused staff during the rush period.


The Melbourne Cup is a great opportunity for pizza shops and other hospitality venues to cater to a larger crowd. By preparing your POS system, optimising your operations, and offering special deals, you can ensure a successful and enjoyable experience for your customers. Remember to focus on delivering quality and service to make this long weekend a memorable one for your customers, whether they’re celebrating at your venue or enjoying your pizzas from the comfort of their homes.