Employee Spotlight: Celebrating Luke, Our Product Director

Welcome to our Employee Spotlight series, where we shine a light on the exceptional individuals who contribute to the success
and growth of Deliverit and Oolio Group.

Meet Luke: A 17-Year Journey

Allow us to introduce you to Luke, the driving force behind Deliverit as our Product Director. With an impressive 17 years
dedicated to the company, Luke has a wealth of knowledge that he brings to the table every day.

Luke joined Deliverit in 2006, which initially commenced as a 2-man team. Luke’s original role was a developer/ support looking
after the existing DOS system they used at the time. However, concurrently, he was charged with rewriting the system for a
Windows version of the platform – the one which is the DPOS they use today.

At the time with only two of them in the team, Luke had to wear many hats and worked across all the company’s roles: he was a
developer, support, account manager, and even hardware management executive. Luke currently oversees POS, runs development teams, manages the customer service team, the customer success team, the project management team showcasing his deep
interest and experience in tech.

Hospitality Experience

Beyond his tech expertise, Luke brings valuable hospitality experience to the table. Before joining Deliverit he worked part-time
in various hospitality settings, including bars, cafes, and fast-food venues, where he was able to develop a deep understanding of
the ins and outs of the industry.

Highlights and Unique Projects:

A standout project for Luke was the onboarding of the first Crust Pizza store onto the Deliverit DOS system, whose first stores
opened back in 2001. He then played a pivotal role in onboarding the rest of their franchise stores, which expanded rapidly to
reach 140 stores over a short 5 year period.

“Over the years, Crust’s journey has taken them from having about 2 stores to exceeding 140 in just 5 years or so. I was involved
with onboarding numerous sites, helping their scaling efforts and adapting to their evolving requirements. We have been
alongside them in building as they experienced growth—a highlight of our ability to nurture and support their expansion.”

Luke also tells us how he enjoys the rewarding experience of meeting a range of diverse people within the hospitality space.
Building friendships with family-run businesses and navigating challenges like the introduction of Uber added to his journey.

“Meeting so many different individuals, we focus on the independent space in takeaway and delivery. Initially, being in a support
role, I would be traveling and engaging with various types of operators—ranging from family businesses to a diverse array of
characters. It’s an interesting space with a wide spectrum, from super tech-savvy individuals to those totally unfamiliar with
computers and tech. I’ve formed meaningful friendships with people along the way.”

At Deliverit, our dedicated team, led by passionate individuals like Luke, is committed to empowering your success. Connect with us and embark on a journey of innovation, growth, and success!