Drive growth with online ordering for Catering

If you’re still thinking long and hard about entering the catering industry, you should think again. Catering can drive strong results particularly if you leverage the right technology.

8.7 billion dollars of catering orders were placed online in Australia during 2020*, this almost represents one-third of catering orders and more are expected the follow. So, how do you get in front of that one-third?  Get your catering online with Deliverit today!

Reach More, Feed More.

Most catering orders are placed last minute and a good percentage of them require fulfillment within 24 hours, so you’ll see how the old methods of phone, email and contact forms just don’t cut it anymore. Our solution allows customers to place and pay for orders within minutes.

Save Time & Money on Labour

Catering orders are more complex than the standard take-out order and you can spend a lot of time on the phone taking down those orders, this is not good for your business. Online Ordering will improve the efficiency of this function and cut down on labour costs.

Improve Order Accuracy

How often to things get lost in translation or fall through the cracks, and how often are you having to give away product to remedy this? Online Ordering puts the control in the user’s hands, users can control and modify orders easily which will reduce errors.

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