Deliverit’s SHARETHELOVE initiative Driving New Customers for Clients

One of the most difficult scenarios modern businesses faces is how to acquire new customers. Incentives like ‘Cheap Tuesday’
can help funnel local traffic in on certain days of the week, but this is not a long-term solution. This is where we came up with the SHARETHELOVE incentive, which aims to reward your customers but also share their positive experience with their family and
friends. 38% of people in Australia discover new shops and food recommendations through word of mouth, it’s about time we
harness the strength of this to your advantage.

From when we first launched our referral campaigns, we have rewarded 895 customers for our clients, which has turned into 153 new customers altogether for these stores. When you consider that their average order was $60.65, that is a total value of $9,279.45 that has come from the referral program from only new users. The best part of this is that the promotions and triggers are all
automated and are available as part of Deliverit’s Automated Marketing Program!

Most recently during the month of March, we helped create $33,000 in GTV for our clients taking part in the program. This was
made up of 565 promotions redeemed at an average order value of $59.08. Impressively, we achieved an acquisition of 23 new
customers for our clients taking part in this promotion, all of which had an average order value of $72.90. This promotion has
quickly become a customer favourite, allowing us to run it for all clients on the Marketing Program once per month!

If you are looking to start your targeted marketing journey or are interested to learn more about the Automated Marketing
Program, you can contact us at Our friendly marketing team will reach out to you to find the best
possible solution to fit your business goals.