Employee Spotlight: Celebrating Penny Smith, Our CEO

Meet Penny: Deliverit CEO
Penny joined Deliverit close to five years ago, making a leap from the very different field of finance marketing. However, the truth
is, Penny has been an instrumental part of the Deliverit team joining just before the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time Penny began as the National Sales and Marketing Manager, where she not only managed the sales team but also played a pivotal role in
orchestrating an impressive expansion, meeting aggressive growth targets for the company.

In this role, Penny identified opportunities to integrate business-to-business-to-consumer marketing for clients, resulting in
innovative solutions that ultimately, enhance client engagement. Her impact was profound, growing the marketing team from a
single person to a team of six currently.

Another of Penny’s significant achievements was helping to push the start of an automated marketing program based on
consumer behaviour, tailoring strategies to individual ordering patterns. With a gap in the market, she saw how the clients they
catered too needed a marketing solution which would help them and similar businesses. Under her leadership, Deliverit
introduced a “marketing success fee” model, ensuring clients only pay when tangible results are achieved. This model not only
added value for clients, but also proved the efficacy of Deliverit’s services.

Now Deliverit CEO Penny still over looks these initiatives and more.

Hospitality experience:
Unlike many in the industry, Penny did not come to Deliverit with a background in hospitality. Instead, she made a significant
career shift from the finance sector. With three years of experience as the general manager of a fintech company, Penny brought a unique perspective to Deliverit. Her admiration for small business owners stems from recognising their importance to Deliverit’s
success, as the platform is built on the foundation of supporting and uplifting small businesses.

In fact, Penny and her team are dedicated to assisting small businesses in standing on their own feet and thriving – despite the
odds that they stand against.
“I hold a great deal of admiration for small business owners. These merchants are vital to us, relying heavily on our services, and Australia was built on the backs of small businesses. My team and I are dedicated to assisting these small businesses in standing on their own two feet and serving their communities.”

Customer highlights:
One of Penny’s memorable highlights was working with I Love Pizza, a client she started her journey with. Beginning with 5 or 6
stores, they have now expanded to open their impressive 19th store. Penny attributes much of her learning curve to working
closely with this client, understanding their needs, and leveraging their insights during the implementation of the marketing as a service offering.

Penny emphasizes the values upheld by the Oolio and Deliverit, highlighting a commitment to providing end-to-end solutions for clients. This commitment reflects the group’s dedication to supporting businesses comprehensively, from marketing and sales to addressing specific client needs. Penny underscores the client-centric approach that is at the core of Deliverit’s ethos.

“We provide end-to-end solutions for our clients – you name it, we support them with it. This commitment reflects Deliverit’s
ethos of being more than just a service provider but a true partner in the success of the businesses they serve.”