Why Deliverit is the best Point of Sale system for you

Why Deliverit is the best point of sale system for you.


Point of Sale Systems have been servicing the Hospitality industry for decades. These systems have been advancing at a pace that makes it difficult to stay informed. Deliverit has been at the forefront of this advancement for Quick Service Restaurants (such as fish and chips, pizza and other take away food providers) for over 26 years. We know the ins and outs of  what is needed in a Point of sale system.

When looking for a point of sale system it is imperative to identify your business needs. Is it to streamline messy accounts? Manage your drivers and deliveries on busy nights? Incorporate an Online Ordering system? Or is it simply to reduce mistakes from hand written dockets? These questions are key to finding out what is best for you.

In our opinion

There are many companies in the Australian Hospitality Point of Sale Industry with very few suited to the QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) industry as well as Deliverit.

When onboarding new stores with Point of Sale and Online Ordering Systems Deliverit keeps the set-up costs as low as possible. This provides Deliverit with an extreme competitive advantage over our competitors who have higher installation and set-up costs and lock in contracts. This tends to lead to a set and forget mentality with their clients.

Set-up costs are not the only aspect of Deliverit’s competitive advantage, our free Online Ordering solution and low commission rate which includes website development and design, merchant fees, gst, URL hosting, maintenance and fraud protection is the most competitive in the industry.

In Summary

Being in the industry for 26 years means Deliverit has the experience and expertise to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the hospitality industry. QSR is their bread and butter and they can adapt their PoS to the most complex menu. From pizza to fish and chips, Indian to Vietnamese Deliverit can handle what you throw at it.

Deliverit’s low cost and adaptability makes them a perfect fit for any dine in, take away, sit down or ghost kitchen restaurant.

If you would like to find out more about Deliverit’s POS and Online Ordering Solutions contact sales@deliverit.com.au