Delivering Quality and Boosting Revenue with Deliverit’s Automated Marketing Program

Truly a staple of the northern suburbs, Sopranos Pizza Epping leaves nothing left behind when it comes to their top-quality food
and customer service. Born from the idea that Pizza should be something made for everyone to enjoy, ensuring the highest quality ingredients for the best price possible has helped build the Sopranos brand.

During busy peak periods, they love their integration with online ordering and own branded mobile app. Through the mobile app,
their customers hold an average spend of $51.27 while through their online website, customers spend an average amount of $49.95 per transaction.

Where this store really packs a punch is with their marketing. They are integrated with Deliverit’s Automated Marketing Program which helps them bring back their lost customers, target their customers during key periods and raise average transaction values. Impressively, they have brought back 51 lost customers through targeted campaigns, whilst also targeting 74 customers who have ordered once previously but never ordered after that.

The owners of Soprano’s Epping, Sam & Sahil, emphasize high quality food at an affordable price by way of their high-quality
ingredients and their 7 days a week online offers. ‘Making restaurant quality meals available to eat from the comfort of your home’ Sahil explains is behind everything they do and what their identity is. The ever-famous Chicken Parmigiana tops their list of best sellers, which is backed by the quality of the chicken used and the value given in each serve. This is then closely followed by BBQ Meat Lovers and Hawaiian Pizzas.

Sopranos Epping have a great relationship with the Marketing team at Deliverit and love the quality of imagery and campaigns
produced for them. Sahil exudes that ‘the help from the marketing team has been great, it really helps build our brand and push
customers from delivery partners to our online website. Their help creating branded material and merchandise really helps to
grow our business’.

If you’re interested in bringing back lost customers without paying a fortune, enquire with the friendly Deliverit Marketing team to find out what options we have available for you.