POS Solutions for Takeaway Shops

A simple-to-use POS solution that’s easily customisable to your takeaway shop, restaurant or cafe. You can even BYO hardware, so there’s no need to start from scratch. Staff can be trained and using the system within just 10 minutes. Plus, our flexible POS solution integrates seamlessly with our, cloud reporting, online ordering solutions and our driver and mobile apps for faster order fulfillment and better customer experience. So if you’re running a takeaway shop, restaurant or cafe we’ve got the perfect POS solution for you!

Bagel with Salmon

No more lost dockets

Our paperless and screen-based POS Solution for Takeaway shops is customised for staff to easily follow. Orders are automatically sent to the right area. Drinks straight to the bar, salads to the cold area – and your chefs know exactly what’s coming up next. Bye bye lost dockets, hello fast and accurate ordering.

POS Menu Screen
POS cutomer details screen

Highly Customisable

Our background is hospitality so we get it! We know no two menus are the same, that’s why we’ve built our POS to support many different types of menus and customer requests.

No-fuss ordering

Deliverit’s POS solution recognises that some things just happen on the fly so we give you and your staff the flexibility to customise orders as needed.

Dpos Quick Sale
Person selecting items on app

Paperless solutions

We understand the needs of each kitchen is different that’s why our POS supports both paper based and screen based order tracking. Our make and ready screen technology will have your kitchen humming like a well oiled machine.

Delivery management

Using our Delivery Maps, Driver Allocation and Driver Tracking functions you will be able to create an effective and efficient delivery service which will enhance your customer’s experience and save you time and money.

Dpos Driver Allocation

Deliverit’s POS solutions connect seamlessly with our Online Ordering & Mobile Apps, Xero, Linkly, Tyro, Menulog, UberEats, Google Food Ordering and more making it easy to share data to reduce admin, save time, and make informed decisions every day.

Know your customers
Know your customers

Create a powerful customer database with a few simple questions as they order. Then use it to create high-performing offers based on what they really want. Plus, track growth, sales and frequency of visits with a single click, so you can keep doing what works.

Manage Staff With One Click
Manage Staff With One Click

Have staff log in and out on their shifts for accurate timesheets and see total hours for each employee with a single click.

Support When You Need It
Support When You Need It

We know your business times aren’t going to be 9-5 Monday to Friday. So ours aren’t either. Our team of experts are there for you out of hours and weekends.

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