Welcome to the Future of Pizza! Streamline Your Business, Delight Your Customers.

Menu Management

Update your menu in real-time; whether you're adding seasonal specials, removing items, or adjusting prices our POS can do this efficiently across all channels.

Employee Management

Manage employee activity with ease with our staff clock-in/out function and lock down sensitive functions like refunds and price updates to only authorised staff.

Integrated EFTPOS

Smooth and efficient payment processing is easy with Deliverit, we'll send transaction totals directly to your Oolio Pay pinpad which reduces errors and speeds up the payment process.

Customer Database

Build your customer database with ease, we record all the vital details of your customers in the POS and Deliverit Cloud allowing you to segment customers and send personalised communications.

Drivers on Demand

Strengthen your delivery service with our integrated Doordash Drive and Uber Direct driver on demand services. Whether you want to outsource your delivery function or need back up on a busy Friday night, we've got you!

Automated Marketing

You've got data, so let's use it. We'll automatically analyse and segment your customer data to send meaningful communications and offers that will increase order frequency, and average spend.

Delivery Partner Integrations

Cut out costly third party middle-ware and get all your orders in the one place with our market leading direct integrations with Doordash, Menulog and Ubereats.

Delivery Management

Efficiently coordinate delivery routes with driver allocation and tracking. Ensure profitability of your delivery service with our route optimisation and delivery zone fees.

Reporting & Analytics

Reduce operational costs with real-time in store monitoring, look for sales trends, items sold and delivery orders; know when to send drivers home or call for reinforcements.

Helping Business Grow on Their Own Terms

Sopranos Pizza Epping, a beloved spot in the northern suburbs, prides itself on top-notch food and service for all. With a focus on quality ingredients at great prices, they’ve become a local favorite.

Their online ordering and branded app make it easy to enjoy their offerings, with customers spending an average of $51.27 on the app and $49.95 on the website.

They excel in marketing, using Deliverit’s Automated Marketing Program to bring back lost customers and boost sales.

Sopranos Epping values their partnership with Deliverit’s Marketing team, whose support has been instrumental in growing their brand and online presence.

Unleash the Power of Our Pizza Shop Websites & Apps!

Seamless Online Ordering: Empower your customers to place orders effortlessly through user-friendly apps and websites. No more long wait times or busy signals – just a smooth, convenient experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Boost Your Reach: Expand your customer base beyond the local area. With our powerful online platforms, you can attract pizza lovers from all corners, offering them a taste of your delicious creations wherever they are.

Drive Sales: Our Pizza Shop Websites & Apps are designed to showcase your menu in mouthwatering detail, enticing customers to explore and order more. Plus, easy customization options will have them adding extra toppings and sides without hesitation.

Engage & Reward: Create a loyal following with special offers, loyalty programs, and exclusive deals available right at their fingertips. Engage your customers like never before, making them feel like a part of your pizza family.

Stand Out in Style: Impress your customers with a sleek and modern digital presence that reflects the quality of your pizza. Customizable designs and branding options ensure your unique identity shines through.


Payments built by hospitality for hospitality.

Trading Hours

You don't work 9 - 5 and neither do we, settlement hours from 5:00am - 4:59am.

Zero Cost

Enjoy every bite of your hard earned dough, take advantage of our surcharging feature and never pay merchant fees again.

Blended Rate

Accept all major cards with confidence, including international cards with a single blended rate of 1.5% exc gst.

Next Business Day Settlement

No need to open another bank account, keep your business account and we'll settle your funds there the following business day.


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