Deliverit Cloud

Cloud Reporting at your fingertips with Deliverit Cloud. Access real-time in-store data with our easy-to-use platform on the computer, mobile, or tablet – from home, or wherever you find yourself or grab the Deliverit Cloud App from the iOS or Google Play Store.

Your reports, made to order.

Create and customise reports wherever you are. From discovering how you can improve your margins through labour management, menu trends or store-by-store comparisons, to managing staff time cards and using trends to create KPIs, the data is in your hands.

Big picture, small details.

Whether you run one or many restaurants, Deliverit Cloud reporting lets you see the big sales picture and drill down into the details. Use the data to identify combos that sell well, identify peak sales times for staff rostering, or refine your menu so you’re only delivering what your customers want.

How will it help my business?

Deliverit Cloud data gives you the power to make decisions with confidence. Use it to better help plan your staff requirements, test marketing offers to see what works best, or discover which menu items are the most popular.

Data at your fingertips.

Client’s using Deliverit Cloud can also access real-time customer, order and sales data anywhere, anytime with the Deliverit Cloud App.

Instant Marketing
Instant Marketing

Show your customer you love them with tailored offers sent via SMS, email, or even mail drops. Deals can be set up in minutes.

Login Faster
Login Faster

Make it easy for customers to log in using their Facebook or Google+ profiles. It’s never been so easy to collect customer data.

Fully Supported
Fully Supported

Our online ordering system is fully supported by our team of experts. We’re ready to help on weekends, and evenings to keep things running.

Everything you need to Deliverit

All the tools and information you need in one clever, easy-to-use, and customisable system. Made to order, to help you continue to grow and better your business.

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