1.       No limit to the number of referrals
  2.       Not available with any other offers
  3.       Must be referred between 01/03/2021 –31/03/2021
  4.          ‘Referred Friend’ must not be an existing Deliverit client or part of a group that is an existing Deliverit client
  5.         ‘Referee’ must be an existing Deliverit Online Ordering client
  6.          ‘Referred Friend’ must have submitted the online enquiry form between 01/03/2021 – 31/03/2021
  7.          Reduced rate (4.9%) will be applied to ‘Referee’ when ‘Referred Friends’ site is active
  8.           Active means an order has been submitted through their Deliverit Online Ordering site
  9.          The ‘Refer A Friend’ rate (4.9%) will be implemented on the first Monday of the preceding week following the ‘Friends’ site becoming active
  10.         ‘Referred Friend’ rate (4.9%) will be effective from the date the Deliverit Online Ordering site is live
  11.          ‘Referred Friend’ is entering into Deliverit’s standard T & Cs
  12.         ‘Referred Friend’ rate will revert to Deliverit’s standard rate which is 7% unless an alternate rate is agreed by both parties
  13.         ‘Referee’ rate will revert to their standard rate once the 56-day period expires unless an alternate rate is agreed by both parties