Café POS

A new world of Café POS

Our Café POS system may be smart but it’s designed to make ordering as simple as possible for staff. With a simple touch screen, the POS system is intuitive to use and can be customised to exactly match your menu. With just 10 minutes of basic training your staff will be ready to use the system. No more order mistakes, no more lost orders, just great service delivered to your customers.

Café POS that helps you grow

Flexible payment

Deliverit’s Café POS lets customers run up table bills or pay quickly over the counter. Split bills aren’t an issue and the system integrates with your tap and go EFTPOS.

Speedy service

With better communication between front and back of house staff, faster payments at the till and error free orders you’ll turn over customers faster than ever.

Smoother orders

Our kitchen display monitors make it easy to process a high volume of orders without juggling dockets. And customer facing screens make it easy to validate orders.


Whether you have one till or ten, or even if you plan on growing getting more, our Café POS will grow with you, without the need to change or upgrade systems.

Handle complex orders

Your customers know what they want, and sometimes that’s a piccolo latte with almond milk on the side. Deliverit’s Café POS makes complex orders a breeze.

Automated time keeping

Turn your Café POS into a staff clock in and out terminal. Staff can use the system to log in and log out at the beginning and end of their shift for automated, and accurate, time keeping.

Everything you need to Deliverit

Deliverit offers a complete POS system. Add any of these services to reach beyond your store walls and out into the real world – where your customers live.

POS in the Cloud

Keep track of your business or businesses no matter where you are...

Mobile apps

Get ahead of the game and let your customers pre-order to beat the queue...

Our clients

Deliverit is a complete Café POS, designed for the real world of fast, complex orders and customers who expect it now.