Restaurant POS

A new world of Restaurant POS

Get ready for a new world of Restaurant POS with Deliverit’s simple, intuitive ordering system. This docket-free system provides faster, more accurate ordering for better communication between front and back of house staff and a better experience for your diners.

Restaurant POS that helps you grow

Smart ordering

Our smart ordering system means orders are automatically printed to the right part of the kitchen every time. Drinks go to the bar and salads sent to the cold area. Plus your chefs can see exactly what’s coming up next. No more lost dockets, no wait for dockets to be brought to the kitchen and sorted just fast, accurate ordering.

Maximise your takings

Imagine if you had real time information that helped you increase your takings from each table. Deliverit’s POS’s timer function does exactly that. Staff can see when the last time a table ordered was and either encourage them to order something else, or move them on for greater table turnover.

Customise table layout

When we say our POS system can be customised to your restaurant, we mean in every way. That includes mapping your table layout on screen with a simple drag and drop system. More accurate ordering means you can turn over tables faster and serve more covers. You’re welcome.

Better bill management

Deliverit’s restaurant POS keeps your bill management firmly in hand. There’s no more lost money as you search for dockets, or deal with bill objections from diners. With the touch of a button you can track table bills and see exactly what each table ordered and when.

Wireless ordering

Our restaurant POS will set your staff free. With the ability to take orders on Windows tablets your staff can spend more time on the floor and less time at the till. This docket-less system means your front of house staff can deliver a better service to your customers and your back of house staff enjoy a more streamlined ordering system.

Automated time keeping

Your restaurant POS can monitor your staff’s shifts. By logging in and out at the beginning and end of their shift their time will be automatically and accurately recoded.

Everything you need to Deliverit

Deliverit offers a complete POS system. Add any of these services to reach beyond your store walls and out into the real world – where your customers live.

POS in the Cloud

Keep track of your business no matter where you are. With cloud based reporting you can access sales data with the touch of a finger from your tablet, phone or computer and see sales data in real time. Need more in depth reporting? Our POS reporting lets you see staffing, seating and ordering trends or drill down into the detail to see where you can improve your efficiencies and margins. Find out more.

Our clients

Deliverit is a complete Restaurant POS system, designed for the real world of fast, complex orders and customers who expect it now.