POS Cloud Reporting

No matter where you go or what time of day or night, your sales data is available at the touch of a finger with POS Cloud. Access real-time in store data through an easy to use platform on computer, mobile or tablet. Customise reports to see how you can improve your margins through labour management, menu trends and store by store comparisons.

Your reports, your way

No matter what device you’re accessing your POS cloud reporting, you can create and customise any number of reports. Manage your staff with time cards and delivery driver reports; compare menu items to find the highest grossing; compare year on year results and use trends to create KPIs and seasonal forecast. The options are out of this world.

Get the big picture, and the detail

No matter how many restaurants you run, Deliverit’s POS cloud reporting lets you see your sales data as an overview, or drill down into the details about what happened when and where. Get an overview of the sales in your store, or even across multiple stores. Use the data to identify combos that sell well, identify peak sales times for staff rostering or refine your menu so you’re only delivering what the customers want.

Where can Cloud POS take your business?

Ever had a hunch about a product, or thought you knew when your peak times were, but needed confirmation? Cloud POS data can better help you plan your staff requirements, test marketing offers to see what works best or simply show you which of your menu items is really working.

Where else can Deliverit take you?

Deliverit’s Cloud POS integrates seamlessly with our in store POS system and mobile apps. Whether the data is coming from inside the store or from drivers on the road, you’ll have access to it, no matter where you are.

Deliverit’s Cloud reporting is designed to give you insights to manage your business better, no matter where you are.