Pizza POS

A new world of Pizza POS

The idea for Deliverit was baked in a pizza store. True story. Pizza POS is what we’ve always done and we do it well. Our POS system delivers orders fast, no matter how complicated. It also has the ability to create deals, so you can give your customers what they want, when they want it and deliver a service that’s out of this world.

Pizza POS to help you grow

Manage complex orders

We know your customers want their pizza exactly how they want it. Deliverit makes it easy to give customers what they want. They want half/half? No problem. Hold the cheese but extra pineapple? Of course!

Easy to use

Deliverit may be the easiest Pizza POS around. In fact it is so easy to use your staff can be trained in the system in less than 10 minutes. No more wrong orders to worry about and your service times will fly.

Faster Deliveries

Deliverit’s Pizza POS makes it easy to manage delivery orders, drivers and route planning with a map view for live tracking of orders. Plus you can easily create different delivery fees for different zones.

Tailored deals

With data that shows you what your customers want and when they want it you can create tailored deals such as free soft drink, meal packages and footy specials to keep them coming back again and again.

Smoother Orders

There’s no need to worry about orders getting lost. Our kitchen display monitors make it easy to track a high volume of orders without juggling dockets.


Getting bigger? It doesn’t matter if you have one till or ten, or even if you’re opening more stores. Our Pizza POS system will grow with you.

Everything you need to Deliverit

Deliverit offers a complete POS system. Add any of these services to reach beyond your store walls and out into the real world – where your customers live.

Mobile integration delivered

Deliverit’s Pizza POS solutions integrate seamlessly with online ordering and mobile apps so your customers can order no matter where they are. It also integrates with cloud reporting and driver apps so you can keep an eye on your business no matter where you are.

Keep deliveries in sight

Our Delivery Driver App means you can always see where your drivers are, which orders are on their way and what’s coming up. With eyes on the ground you can manage a smoother, faster delivery service.

Mobile Apps for ordering on the go

Let your customers order when they want and where they want...

Online Ordering

Deliverit can create an easy to use, professional website that integrates with your in store POS. With your restaurants online presence, you make it easy for new customers to find you and for existing customers to order whenever they’re ready. Plus, customer data entered online is saved, making it easier to know who your customers are, where they are and what they want.

Driver Tracking App for faster delivery

You no longer need to wonder where your drivers are...

POS in the Cloud

You don’t need to be at your restaurants to keep track of how your business is doing...

Our clients

Deliverit is a complete Pizza POS, designed for the real world of fast, complex orders and customers who expect it now.