Delivery Driver Apps

Keep your drivers in sight even when they’re out on the road. Deliverit’s delivery driver app simultaneously tracks driver location and order status so you can better control your deliveries. With the ability to better allocate deliveries and optimise routes you can deliver the service your customers want and improve your order turnover.

Simple as looking at a map

The Deliverit driver app connects to an in store screen which shows, in real time driver locations on a map. The map lets you see at a glance which orders are on track, which are late and who’s on their way back for the next delivery.

Manage delivery times

Plan your next delivery with ease using the map locations to prioritise each delivery. See which orders are running on time or closing in on the promised delivery time. Be alerted when deliveries are running late. With less down time between deliveries, more is possible from your team.

Coaching better drivers

The delivery driver app helps you to coach drivers to improve their efficiency. Create safer drivers, who know are never alone, even when they’re on the road. With route planning, your deliveries will be faster, your service levels better and your customer satisfaction rates will sky rocket.

Where else can Deliverit take you?

The delivery driver app integrates with Deliverit’s in store POS system, relaying live driver data back to display maps in store. Where else can Deliverit POS systems take you?

Deliverit’s delivery driver apps are designed to get your people and your food moving at their best.